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Frequently Asked Questions

Condition of the devices

  • Are the devices I buy from Remarketed new?

    No, the devices look and work like new but were previously owned by someone else. All devices are carefully checked and overhauled.

  • What does "refurbishing" mean?

    This means that the device has been stripped of all previous data and checked for all technical aspects to work like new. In addition, they were carefully cleaned and then packed.

  • Are certificates like IP54 or IP67 valid for refurbished devices?

    Since the devices are completely renewed during the refurbishment process, all technical functions of the device work like new. However, during this process the devices must be opened, so certificates such as IP54 or IP67 are excluded from the warranty.

Battery & equipment

  • What is the battery life of the devices?

    Unless otherwise stated, all devices have a minimum battery capacity of 85% of the original capacity. If the battery doesn't last long enough, it will be replaced. In order to be sustainable and to produce less electronic waste, batteries with a higher capacity are usually not changed.

  • Are only original spare parts used during the refurbishment process?

    All used spare parts are Mfi certified but can be generic.

  • What accessories does the device come with?

    Each device is supplied with a suitable USB charging cable and a socket adapter. Packaging, power plug and charging cable can be generic. For hygienic reasons, headphones are not included in the scope of delivery.

Delivery, guarantee and returns

  • Are the devices delivered in the original packaging?

    Each device is delivered in a vacuum-sealed box, which guarantees the safety of the device during transport. These boxes are not the original boxes.

  • Do I have to pay a flat rate shipping fee?

    No, the shipping cost of your device is already included in the purchase price stated for each device.

  • Can I return the device (for no reason)?

    Yes, you can return the device for no reason within the first 30 days. Remarketed will cover the costs of the return.

  • What does the 24 month guarantee include?

    As we trust in our devices, we give a 24 month guarantee on each. This includes all technical aspects of the phone. If the device is defective, we will either repair it or replace it. If both are not possible, the purchase price will be refunded. Defects caused by your own negligence (e.g. drop damage, water damage, etc.) will not be repaired under the guarantee, and the device will automatically be excluded from any further warantee.

  • How can I return a device?

    To return your device, please contact us so we can provide you with your free, insured return label.


  • Can I buy more than one device on the website?

    Yes, you can. If you want to buy more than five devices and receive an individual offer, please send an email to: [email protected]

  • Will Remarketed buy old equipment?

    Yes, we also buy old devices. Please visit our purchase page to get your offer: https://buyback.remarketed.nl/