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Sustainability at Remarketed

With us you will own the latest technology and preserve the environment at the same time!

With Remarketed, you experience unbeatable value for money at top quality, all in the spirit of sustainability. Our refurbished and resold devices save up to 50KG of CO2 emissions compared to new devices. This is partly due to the fact that new production requires huge amounts of CO2 for production, which we can save with our concept and thus protect the environment. Did you know that up to 85% of the emissions occur during the production of a new device?

Now the good side: the refurbishing process of a single smartphone saves 14 kilograms of raw materials and over 50 kilograms of greenhouse gas emissions. This means that for one year of extended smartphone life, we can reduce the environmental footprint by almost 31%.

The circular economy is a strengthening and regenerative concept that aims to ensure that products, components and materials receive the highest utility and value at all times. The focus is on not creating excessive waste and that each waste is a new resource. In the process, the circular economy redefines existing concepts of growth and focuses on creating total social benefits. Social capital builds from more economic, natural and sustainable actions. As such, the more efficient use of existing raw materials plays a central role. This creates a new, long-term mindset that brings economic, environmental and social benefits.

At Remarketed, we implement the idea of the circular economy by recycling used equipment in our local production. This means that raw materials do not have to be exported, and used equipment is given a second chance and kept in the cylce for as long as possible. This extends the life cycle of the equipment and reduces waste.