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The Remarketed Warranty


We, as Remarketed, provide our customers with a functional warranty for all products and services sold via the Internet platform www.remarketed.com (as well as all other sub-domains), in addition to the statutory warranty. This warranty has a minimum duration of 2 years under the conditions described below.

What are the conditions and terms of our warranty?

Our Remarketed warranty covers all technical functions of the purchased device. Here we guarantee that all products are free of material, design and manufacturing defects. Here, we are guided by the current state of the art and contemporary scientific knowledge. A defective product must already have shown the damage indicated at the initial time. Consequential damage and the resulting claim for compensation exists only within the legal regulations.

The Remarketed warranty takes effect from the date of purchase with the period specified at the time of purchase. The warranty period is extended to at least 6 months in case of replacement or repair of the purchased product. If the warranty period specified at the time of purchase is longer than the 6 months, the originally purchased period will of course apply.

The claim of Remarketed warranty can be made by the customer by submitting a request in text form (warranty claim) within the agreed warranty period. The customer must submit a warranty claim to Remarketed within 1 month of the first occurrence of the defect. The customer must provide proof that the warranty period has not been exceeded by means of proof of purchase or date of purchase.

What does the Remarketed warranty cover?

The Remarketed warranty distinguishes between two cases: Replacement or repair. In case of repair, defective components are replaced, and in case of replacement, the whole device is replaced. The decision as to which of the warranty cases applies is up to the dealer and is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. In line with our sustainability promise, we try to repair products whenever possible. In the case of a replacement, the old unit will be exchanged for an equivalent unit. This includes the same product condition as well as storage size. Within the 30-day trial period, the customer also always has the option to receive a refund of the purchase price paid. If this option is desired, it can be communicated on the return label or in text form and Remarketed will refund the purchase price upon receipt of the product.

What is the warranty claim procedure?

If any problems occur during use within the warranty period, the customer must report in text form directly to the Remarketed customer service team at the following email or contact form: Email: [email protected] Our customer service team will then record and process the warranty claim. After this, we will send you a return label after the receipt check, with which you can send your defective device back to us free of charge. It is important that the defective device is packed safely and correctly. If the packaging provided by us is no longer in good condition or cannot be found, we ask that you use stable and professional packaging material. We also point out that only with the return label provided by us the shipment is insured and free of charge. As soon as we receive the device, it will be checked and tested by our specialists. After this, the product is either repaired or exchanged and then returned to the customer.

What are the requirements and exclusions for the Remarketed warranty?

The basic requirement for the warranty to be effective is proper use and maintenance of the products by the customer. This includes compliance with the operating instructions and use of the products in accordance with the technical instructions and care instructions of the respective manufacturers. Improper use of the equipment will result in the exclusion of the warranty.



What is covered within the Remarketed warranty?

- Charger

- Battery (in case of rapid discharge or heating)

- Headphones (if included)

- Microphones / Speakers (with the exception of damage caused by dust or moisture).

- Problems with WiFi and Network connections

- Problems with the Mainboard

- Touchscreen (if this no longer works, partially or not at all).

What leads to a warranty disclaimer?

In case of damage caused by dropping or falling, moisture damage or improper use in general, the device is immediately excluded from the warranty.

The warranty is also void if the unit is opened and/or repaired by anyone other than a Remarketed technician. Please understand that we cannot guarantee the work of others.


The following items are not covered by the warranty:

- Defects after the warranty period of 2 years

- Damage due to improper use by the user (broken / cracked / bent parts and / or moisture damage).

- Defective SIM card reader

- All buttons on the device (home, volume and power button)

- Broken camera lens or dust behind the camera lens

- Damaged or dirty charging dock

- Loose parts of the headphone jack / AUX Flex