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What is Refurbishing?

Generally speaking, refurbishing is the process of renewing and reconditioning previously used electrical devices such as smartphones or laptops by specialists. This is done to give the respective device another chance in life and thus create a more sustainable option to a new device for you.

To ensure that we can offer you a consistently high quality of our devices, all devices go through a complex testing and renewal cycle. Our specialists put your future device through ia complex testing with over 50 points to ensure that it arrives as good as new. In addition, the exterior of your device is professionally cleaned and polished.

  • 1.
    Data Wipe
  • 2.
    Technical inspection and repair
  • 3.
    External Refurbishing
  • 4.
    Packaging and Shipment
  • 1. Data Wipe

    All data from the previous owner will be completely and professionally erased by us. This includes photos, contact data, but also settings, passwords and unlock codes. After this, we will completely reset the operating system on your device so that you can set it up according to your individual needs.

    2. Technical inspection and repair

    Every device goes through a test cycle at our company, which checks over 50 technical aspects of the device. Our specialists thus check every function of the device to ensure that we can meet the highest quality standards for us, but also for you, our customer.

  • Among others, the following technical functions are tested:

    • Cameras
    • Speakers
    • Microphones
    • Network connection and quality
    • All sensors
    • Physical buttons
    • Display
    • Battery performance

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    Consistently high quality of our equipment is our highest priority. That is why we work with specialized partners who represent the industry standard in the certification of used equipment. This is the only way to ensure long-term trust between you and us for sustainable equipment.

    Should we discover a defective part during the test cycle, it will of course be replaced with MFI certified spare parts by our repair specialists. MFI stands for Made-for iPhone/ iPod/ iPad and is a licensing program by Apple for hardware developers

  • to provide a guarantee of consistent high quality. Once the repair is done, the device goes through the complete test cycle again to guarantee the full functionality of your future device.

    3. External Refurbishing

    It is important to us that your device feels as if it has never been used. That's why we have a reconditioning team that is dedicated to providing only the highest quality cleaning

  • and polishing of your future device.

    Hereafter, the device is evaluated by our specialists according to its visual condition and assigned to the appropriate aesthetic category. You can find more information about this in the product condition category. Product Conditions

    4. Packaging and Shipping

    After evaluating the visual condition of your future device, it will be safely stored in our sustainable packaging. Each device has been checked several times by our specialists, unlocked and ready-to-go. Since we believe in the quality of our devices, we give you 24 months warranty. Each of our products that we ship to you includes:

    • Your device
    • Power Adapter
    • USB cable
    • SIM-Pin
  • Please also have a look at our unboxing-Video an!

    To convince yourself of the quality of our devices, we give you 30 days after receiving your order to test and inspect it. If you are not satisfied, you can return the device within these 30 days without giving any reason for a full refund.